Size adjustment of rings.

Size adjustment (enlargement or reduction) depends on the kind of ring. Here are a few examples of the process.

Bague boulonnaise

In this first example the ring is in gold and has no stone.
Enlargement from size 52 to 57.

The bottom of the ring is cut and I insert a gold piece which has been adjusted beforehand to the relevant size.  Here the arc of the circle is 5 mm long.

Bague boulonnaise

Once the gold piece is soldered, the bottom of the ring is sanded.
The ring is polished to bring back its original aspect.

In this second example the ring is in gold and set with an aquamarine stone.
Enlargement from size 54 to 57.

As the aquamarine doesn’t support the heat of the welding torch, the stone must be removed from its mount.

As per the previous example, a small piece of gold will be inserted and soldered.

The stone is set again and the ring is polished.

In this last example, the ring is mounted with a stone. The ring body is sufficiently wide to enable an enlargement through hammering.

The ring is placed on a ring sizer and its bottom is hammered.
The metal will stretch to enable the enlargement of the ring.

Bague boulonnaise

The marks made by the hammer are erased with a soft file until you get the original finish.