The silver gram is worth less than one euro as for the gram of gold it approaches 40 euros.
A jewel makes a few grams.
As examples:

  • a ‘classic’ wedding ring made between 2 and 4 grams.
  • A gold signet ring for men around 10 grams

Le métal peut éventuellement être fourni par le client.


The price of stones enters the final price.
If you wish to know the price of the stones that I happen to buy, visit the following website :

Work time

Working time is an important element in the price of a jewel.
It depends on the complexity of the jewel, its finish ….


On the selling price it will be necessary that I regulate the social and fiscal charges and finally that I get an income!

Silver earrings : 40 €

Bague argent améthyste

Silver ring with amethyst and small diamond : 170 €

alliance or jaune

Gold wedding rings : 980€

Pendentif argent quartz rose

Silver pendant with 15 mm pink quartz cabochon, silver chain supply : 140 €

Silver wedding rings : 180€

Chain and silver pendant : 75 €

Silver earrings with  labradorite : 65 €

Silver and wood ring : 110€

Chevaliere or blanc gravée

White handgraving gold signet ring, start from 2 400 €

Bague argent peridot

Silver ring with 5mm peridot : 110 €